Ekiti Government House Under Siege As Police Teargas Governor Ayodele Fayose

Ekiti Government House

The Governor of Ekiti State, Mr Ayodele Fayose collapsed on Wednesday as the Police dispersed teargas on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at a party rally in Ado Ekiti, the capital of the state.

Governor Fayose lost consciousness for more than five minutes as the police commisioner incharge of MOPOL slapped him infront of the Ekiti government house.

Ekiti Government House

While the governor was addressing the party adherence in the government house alongside his deputy Deputy, Prof Kolapo Olusola, he said they were hit with the guns butt on the neck region.

The governor who was pictured wearing a neck brace as a result of the injury sustained during the rally stated his ordeals to the party members who were dispersed by the police with teargas infront of the government house where they came together for a victory rally.

Ekiti Government House

Fayose said that the police told him that were acting on the instructions of the inspector general of police, Mr. Ibrahim Idris that they should get rid of him(Fayose) and his deputy, Prof Kolapo Olusola.

Governor Fayoshe said!

“I was slapped and beaten by mobile policemen in my own state. They shot at me. As I speak with you, I am in severe pains, I am experiencing pains”.

“I plead with the international community to intervene, Nigeria is in trouble, Ekiti is in crisis. In the last few days, they have arrested PDP members, teachers, and civil servants, people of good conscience should come and save Ekiti. “They said they were under strict instruction from the Presidency to kill me and my deputy, who is the candidate of our party.

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“These are army of occupation who are here to occupy our land. I want you to stand and remain standing, I pray they don’t kill me and put Ekiti in crisis. “I plead to the international community to intervene and save Ekiti from this siege. How can a State governor be treated like this in his own State. “I am passing through these pains because of my people. I will go back to the hospital after addressing you to receive further medical treatment”, he said.

Mr. Olusola, Fayose’s deputy said that Ekiti State is under siege because the APC want to take over the state desperately.

A condition whereby a policeman will slap a sitting governor, this isn’t good. The President must be warned. International community should warn President Buhari.

“When they were beating me and Mr.  Governor, I told the Commissioner of Police in charge of MOPOL unit  that you are beating a Deputy Governor, he told me ‘ who is a deputy governor, the same thing he said  to the governor. “My mandate is a divine one and the army that is with us are more than those with them. We are not going to be intimidated.  We shall go to the election on Saturday and win”.

Olusola said that several cases determined by the Supreme Court had proved that political parties shouldn’t get approval for going for campaign.

Also in support of what the Deputy Governor said, the senator representing Ekiti South, Mr. Biodun Olujimi, said that the entire people of Ekiti state that voted Fayose into government can’t be wrong, urging the federal government to think twice and warn the policemen.

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She said the indigenes of Ekiti would never resort to vilolence inspite of the harassment and intimidation of the PDP adherence.

“Our people were being picked up everywhere, over what. If you are popular you won’t be doing all these.

“If you are popular, Ekiti people will vote for APC on Saturday, anything outside a democratically elected person is a nullity, it is undemocratic”, he said.


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