WORLD-CUP 2018: Russian Government Warn Their Women Not To Have Sex With Foreign Fans

Russian Government

The Russian government have warned their women from any form of sexual activities with foreigners visiting for the world cup tournament.

Tamara Pletnyova who heads the Russian parliamentary committee Women and Children Affairs committee in the lower house of parliament told the Govorit Moskva radio station that such behaviour was likely to lead to single parent families.

In her statement, she said.

“There will be ladies who will meet men and they will give birth to children, may be they’ll get married or may be not. But the children will suffer just like they suffered after the 1980 Mosco Olympics.”

“It is one thing if the parents are of the same race; and a different thing if they are of the different races. She said, ” we should give birth to our own children”.

Pletnyova said  that she would like Russian citizens to get married “out of love regardless of their ethnicity”.

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Russia has the highest HIV epidemic rate in Europe and the largest rate of increase in the world at large.

More than half of the newly HIV infected patients in Russia contracted it through heterosexual sex and by some estimation, a million football fans will arrive Russia and over 2 million tickets have been sold.

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