I Will Inspire You Someday – CeeC’s Epic Response To A Hater


I Will Inspire You Someday – CeeC’s Epic Response To A Hater:

Big Brother Naija first-runner up, Cynthia Nwadiora AKA CeeC has replied a troll who made an attempt to piss her off .


CeeC posted a motivational piece while sharing a beautiful photo, she wrote;

Bundled Up Under My Blanket by My Window Side,Reading this 📔 I got as a gift from Mr Kingsley Moghalu titled BIG. (Build, Innovate and Grow)….

Between, it is windy in Abuja,the strength of wind baffles me but the resistance from the tiny tress and plants baffles me more, they sway to the direction of the wind but still stand firm, they are independent, tiny and weak looking but still defeat the strength of the wind.

Dearest Family, be rooted and strong in you endeavors. Obstacles would come like the wind but fight the good fight, ignore every form of distractions, people are watching and waiting!

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Do not live your life to satisfy the expectations of the world, take your time work on your foundation (be rooted).For those of us with energy like the wind, I advice we channel it to the right things (I am sure I entertained you guys in the house but I should have channeled my energy to something better!) 😅.

Be Strong, choose your battles wisely, accept your flaws then work on being a better you, do not jump on every opportunity, be the force that is known to influence others positively!

You do not have to be perfect to help others positively.
We are all work in progress.


A certain IG user however had other intentions as he pointed out CeeC was nobody’s role model, he wrote;

Nice one coming from you today but you are nobody’s role model dear.

CeeC replied thus: @franklewu dear Mr Frank, thanks for letting me know that ! I may not be your role model but I know I will inspire you someday and you Mr Frank will celebrate ME. I am a Joseph, Ruth, Esther and David. Don’t worry about me just know U will celebrate me some day and hopefully i get to celebrate you too.


In a swift feeling of Victory, her fans praised her for her mature reply.

Guess we have a new Ceec on our hands.

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  1. im looking for an emoji ….shes still rude am sure she just got better advice from no doubt her new publicist

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