Wife Cuts Off Husband’s Manhood.. Then Tries To Take Her Life In Lagos


Wife cuts off husband’s manhood.. then tries to take her life in Lagos state Nigeria. The Lagos state police command is currently investigating a murder-attempted suicide case that took place at Diamond Estate in Ogombo, Ajah area of the state on 3rd of May, 2018.


A statement by the state police command public relations officer, SP Chike Oti, states that 47-year old lawyer, Mrs Udeme Otike, while having a fight with her husband, 50-year-old Odibe Otike, stabbed and ripped his stomach open exposing the intestine and then severed his genital and placed it on his right hand.

She then attempted to take her own life but she was rescued by neighbors and rushed to the hospital for treatment.


According to one of the neighbors, the couple, both of whom were lawyers, got married three years ago after the deceased divorced his first wife.

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The first marriage produced a daughter currently schooling in the UK. However the current marriage is yet to have produced a child.

Trouble started when the suspect demanded that the deceased willed all his properties to her, a position the man was against, arguing that his daughter must have a share of his properties.

A night before the murder, Mr Otike had called one of his neighbors to complain that his wife was threatening to kill him with a knife.


The said neighbour warned him to be careful. He also called his mother and his younger sister complaining of threat to his life that fateful night.

The police spokesperson says the state police commissiner, CP Edgal Imohimi, has directed Crime Scene Detectives from the homicide section of the SCID Panti Yaba and Forensic experts to the scene to aid in the investigation.

The body of the deceased has been deposited at the morgue.

3 thoughts on “Wife Cuts Off Husband’s Manhood.. Then Tries To Take Her Life In Lagos

  1. hmmm….read the headline and i thought it was a case of an abused wife or cheating husband whos wife got sick of….turns out it was a selfish crazy woman the devil used… its a pity men need to be careful as well of the kind of woman they marry lots of pyschopaths in human form out there

  2. the devil is gaining ground against the institution of marriage. it has been like time since the time of old. i said it before am saying it again, i will rather remain unmarried than marry ,then start hating then end end divorced.

  3. Truly, truly, the devil is fighting the marriage institution. Only the wise in God can and has survived. Naggings, pride, stubbornness,holding too tightly to positions in the home, sexual immoralities have knocked down many marriages. People in low and high places are all victims, even Men and Women of God who profess to be serving God Almighty are victims too. Any Man or Woman who is not ready or doesn’t have the Grace to play the ‘Mumu’ in marriage will definitely not succeed. I believe that there is no room for divorce. People keep reading the Bible without understanding, thereby coining out excuses for separation or for divorce. It’s not God’s plan and would never be, that people get married and later are divorced. Separation after a hundred years of courtship is better or is permitted, than separation/divorce of a one day consummated or contracted marriage. God is not happy with any form of divorce, no matter the excuse or reason, except for death. Let ALL be so guided.

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