JUSTICE – Woman Cries For Justice For Her Son Over Surgery/Medical Negligence

Woman Cries For Justice

Justice must prevail, she cried, her son was born with his two fingers joined together. The teenager has been living with it for over 15 years until last year when the mother decided to take him for surgery to separate the fingers.

This is her story as she told a Facebook user Ada Ragnar Vikings

Good mrng ma. Pls ma i need ur help,to treat and get justice for my son. I am 32years old single mother of a 15years old son. When my son came 15years ago, he was born with his 2 fingers joint 2geda.

 Woman Cries For Justice

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He has being living with it till sometime last year it started paining him and i took him to a doctor who said he can operate him. He separated it and asked us to return after 14days which we did. But on getting there d opened d wrap fingers and it was lifeless.

 Woman Cries For Justice

There was no blood circulation vos of d way d wrapped it and 14days was too long. D doctor shown less concern till i took my child to fmc umuahia and d fingers were cut off.


My son ve gone through pains. We ve cried out our eyes. Now a hospital in uk said d can fix him a prosthesis. At d rate of 3.6million.


I went bavk to d doctor despite how he treated us to seek for help. D lawyer i got he bribed him. I am helpless.

Cos i see my son becoming frustrated each day. He dont go to school anymore, he feel infeeior and ashamed. I am so bittered and frudstrated too. Now my question is who do i run to.

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Am looking for a good lawyer. And direction to go. Am in Abia state

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