AWAGAME: Get To Know What This Betting Site Is All About And How You Can Enjoy These Marvelous Prizes

Betting Site

A Betting site with a difference

AWAGAME. We are so proud to announce the launch of our new gaming platform( Betting Site) called AWAGAME.
AWAGAME is a new and exciting prediction game for sport-lovers. AWAGAME is presently
using its platform to promote the Nigerian Premier Football League (NPFL). We are giving away
cool prices to support this league and create more awareness for the Nigerian league and players.

In a view to support and promote the NPFL (Nigeria Premier Football League), we came up with
a web application platform that enables predictors to predict wins, draw or loss for all the league
games. We select round winners on a weekly basis to win cash prices ranges from #20.000 for
the first prize, #15.000 for the second prize and #10.000 for the third prize respectively. This will
continue till the end of the league where grand winners with the highest cumulative points will

To Register And Play,Visit  WWW.AWAGAME.COM

Betting site

Registration and predictions are also free. THIS IS NOT A BETTING SITE. Winners are given
some tasks to do before prices are awarded to them. The tasks are aimed at encouraging
collective participation and awareness of the NPFL. We make sure the tasks are fun things to do.
Feel free to express your brag and the Nostradamus of AWAGAME.
You can check us out on Instagram- @awagame, Facebook-@officialawagame and Twitter-
@officialawagame, for further clarification.

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