Carnival Queen Suffers Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction As Her Minuscule Thong Pings Open (But She Carries On Dancing Regardless) See Photos And Videos

carnival queen

A carnival queen suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction last night after her minuscule thong came undone while parading in front of the crowds.

Tarine Lopes, star of the X-9 Paulistana samba school in Sao Paulo, bravely carried on dancing while she kept the fallen fabric in place with her left hand.

At one point she turned around and danced with her back to the camera – revealing just how daring her attire was – in a vain attempt to readjust the skimpy strip of green tape.

carnival queen

She said: ‘I had to keep on dancing while I tried to keep it from falling off completely’

carnival queen

Ms Lopes is the godmother of the X-9 Paulistana samba school in Sao Paulo, and was the first princess of the Sao Paulo carnival back in 2016 (pictured: the outfit before the malfunction)

carnival queen

Tarine Lopes suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction when her thong fell off midway through her carnival parade at the Sambodromo do Anhembi in Sao Paulo

carnival queen

The Brazilian beauty queen kept dancing and wowing the crowd with her moves despite having to hold up her costume with her left hand

carnival queen

At one point she turned away from the camera so she could attempt, and fail, to fix her thong

The close shave on Saturday happened as Ms Lopes performed with her school at the city’s famous Sambodromo do Anhembi.

Ms Lopes, from the city of Porto Seguro in the north-eastern state of Bahia, said: ‘Unfortunately my thong came unstuck in the middle of the avenue but people couldn’t stop.

‘I had to keep on dancing while I tried to keep it from falling off completely.’

Shortly before the parade the Brazilian beauty queen had shown off her breathtaking outfit, boasting: ‘It just covers up the bare minimum.’

The barely-there costume featured green tape wrapped around her body leaving most of her exposed.

In an interview afterwards where she wrapped a shirt around her waist to form a makeshift skirt, she added: ‘I was really worried at first, but I carried on with my samba and did what I could so as not to stand out too much.’

Despite the embarrassing malfunction Ms Lopes continued to wow the crowds at the packed stadium which people travel from across the globe to visit.

One carnival attendee Ana Machado said: ‘I have to say I admire the strength she showed carrying on. A lot of people would have lost it out of desperation.’

Ms Lopes also revealed that in preparation for her performance she followed a strict regime of exercise and healthy foods, including a rice and beans meal shortly before the carnival.

As the school’s godmother, Ms Lopes led the dancers by walking in front of the parade float.

Her outfit was designed to represent the forbidden fruit, while the whole parade told the story of Adam and Eve.

Back in 2016 Ms Lopes was the first princess of the Carnival of Sao Paulo.

Annual carnivals are taking place around the world this month, with those in Rio de Janeiro and other Brazilian cities attracting international celebrities.

Socialite Paris Hilton is DJing at the carnival in Salvador.

Samantha Flores, 37, the first ever British samba queen, stole the show on Friday as she paraded down the Sambradrome avenue in Rio de Janeiro for the first time as the principal muse for the Imperio de Tijuca school.

The Londoner moved to Brazil in 2006 after giving up her job as a PR exec.

She said afterwards: ‘It’s a privilege and responsibly to be leading the carnival.’

carnival queen

Carnival attendee Ana Machado said: ‘I have to say I admire the strength she showed carrying on. A lot of people would have lost it out of desperation

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