WATCH VIDEO: Nnewi Woman K*lled Her Husband In Cameroon


Nnewi Woman Killed Her Husband In Cameroon

Wonders they said shall never end.

A man was killed by wife and apprentice boyfriend and was caught when trying to disposed the corpse.

Mr. Ugochukwu Okeke AKA Alino met his untimely death today during an argument with his wife over her infidelity life style and sexual affairs with one of his apprentice boys.

The Nnewi born business mogul who based in Yaunde the capital of Cameroon with his wife and five children was murdered in cold blood by his wife Mrs Chinenye Okeke and his apprentice.

Late Alino hails from Ndimgbu while the wife from Mbanagu both are from Otolo Nnewi in Nnewi North Local Government Area of Anambra State.

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The Cameroonian based businessman has been suspecting the wife over her affair with his boy till the both finally send him to his early grave.

According to a first hand information, Alino on that fateful day confronted his wife her over infidelity life style and sexual affairs with one of his apprentice boys, the argument went wrongly and boosted into fighting while the accused wife and the said apprentice boyfriend joined hands to beat the man to death.

When the two partners in crime found out that the man is gone, they folded his body with bedshit and put it in a car trunk for disposal but luck ran against them and they were apprehended.

Alino was the only son of the popular madam holy holy with alone sister.

He was a successful businessman dealing in TOYOTA AUTO spare parts in Yaunde, a Landlord of seven buildings. According to a source who doesn’t want his name to be mentioned claimed that Alino also acquired a landed property in Amuwo just two months ago which worth over N35m.

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At the time of this report the wife and her apprentice boyfriend are cooling their heads in police net in Yaunde Cameroon.

The Nnewi Youth in their numbers stormed the home of the wife in Mabanagu Otolo Nnewi on Saturday to burn down her father’s house, the angry youths ransacked the house and took the pictures of the lady Mrs Chinenye Adaeze Okeke and mourn her alive around the town and environ.

Mrs. Adaeze Chinenye Okeke is wife to Late Mr. Ugochukwu Okeke with five children. She and their houseboy killed her husband when the man noticed that both of them were having a sexual affair under the same roof.

They killed the man, wrapped him with bedshit and put him into the trunk of his car to dispose his corpse before they were apprehended.

The wife and the apprentice are cooling off their heads inside police cell in Yaounde Cameroon.

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