GRAPHIC VIDEO: Jealous Woman Killed Her Husband And His Lover



A video that went viral on Facebook seemingly shows a woman named Acesha Bright killed her husband and his lover by throwing a plugged in radio into a hot tub in their hotel room. But how legitimate is this video?

The horrifying-if-true video, tagged with the account of one Dominic Low, a viral video maker, was uploaded to YouTube after being viewed close to 3 million times this morning.

According to the blog (and also the video), Bright went to Wal-Mart to buy tampons but her card was rejected. She traced the cards charges and found her husband had booked a room at the Comfort Inn, tracked him there, obtained a room key, and, upon finding him in the hot tub with another man, threw a plugged-in radio into the tub, killing both men.


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