Woman Shoots Husband Dead, Bundles Body Into Suitcase In Mohali

Woman Shoots

Woman Shoots Husband Dead, Bundles Body Into Suitcase In Mohali. In a shocking incident, a lady allegedly killed her husband with the help of her brother and his friend.

As per police, the body of Ekam Singh Dhillon, 40, was found in a suitcase kept in a BMW car near his rented house in Mohali on Sunday.

The incident came to light while Seerat and her brother were trying to dispose of the body.

Police have arrested Dhillon’s wife.

She has admitted to murdering her husband with the help of her brother and his friend, claimed police.

The woman is the niece of a former Congress MLA who lost in the recent Assembly Elections.

Police have booked the woman, her mother, brother and two other relatives under various sections of IPC, including murder.

Police said the woman and her brother planned to throw the body stuffed in a suitcase in a canal.

An autorickshaw driver’s help was sought by them for carrying the suitcase into the car, police said.

He got suspicious when his hands were stained with blood and informed the police.

Ekam’s father Jaspal Singh Dhillon said he lived separately after he got married about 12 years ago.

Police said the couple had quarrelled before the murder.

Ekam’s father said: “He (Ekam) had been disturbed for the past few days. Yesterday evening, he came to my house. He was looking too depressed. When I tried to ask him the reason for his depression, Ekam started crying. He told me that he had not eaten food for the last two days. Ekam added that he was too scared of Seerat as she and her mother Jaswinder Kaur had been threatening him with dire consequences. I live in Phase-VI. I told Ekam to relax and went out to get some fruits for him. When I returned, he had already left. I thought that I shall talk to him this morning. But before I could call him, I received a call about the tragedy.”


Meanwhile, Ekam’s brother Darshan Singh accused Seerat of being “too demanding a wife”.

“She was always pressuring Ekam for earning more money. She did not let him settle in any job or business. He was doing well in tea estates in Assam, but after the marriage, she forced him to leave the job and start his own business. She always wanted to lead a lavish lifestyle. He started his stone crushers but she was yet not happy. I cannot say what could be the exact motive behind killing Ekam, but I am sure that Seerat, her brother and mother have done it,” said Darshan Singh.

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