SUICIDE MISSION: A Woman Jumped Off Lagoon Bridge In Maza-Maza Area Mile 2, But Rescued By Fishermen

Woman Jumped Off Lagoon Bridge

Woman Jumped Off Lagoon Bridge

Barely a day after one Dr. Allwell Orji jumped off third mainland bridge a feat that claimed his life, a similar incident has been recorded as a middle-aged woman reportedly jumped into the lagoon in the Maza-Maza area of the state.

The woman was, however, rescued following the timely intervention of local fishermen and divers in the area.

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According to witnesses, the woman had walked casually to the Maza-Maza bridge in the Mile Tow area and to the shock of people around, she took a dive into the lagoon but the fishermen dived in after her and rescued her.

The woman, dressed in a blouse and trousers was earlier seen walking aimlessly and when she got to the middle of the bridge, she climbed the rail and jumped.

Although the reason behind her action is yet to be ascertained, it was gathered that she was rushed to a nearby hospital by her rescuers, unlike the now deceased Dr. Orji.

Orji was said to be on his way to Victoria Island for a meeting with the Medical and Dental Association of Nigeria when he reportedly jumped off the busy Third Mainland bridge on Sunday.

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