TRAGEDY: Three Dead As Luxurious Bus Plunges Into River In Lagos

Three Dead As Luxurious Bus Plunges Into River

Three Dead As Luxurious Bus Plunges Into River

Three people have been reported dead as a luxury bus plunged into Majidun River in Mile 12 area of Lagos in the early hours of Friday.

The bus was said to have been travelling from the eastern part of Nigeria.

Officials of the National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA), Lagos State Emergency Management Authority (LASEMA), as well as other agencies on ground, made the confirmation as they carried out rescue operations.


Explaining how the rescue operation were carried out, the General Manager of LASEMA, Tiamiyu Adesina, stated that the accident occurred at about 4:30 am and his men responded as soon as they were called.

Speaking of what could have resulted in the accident, he said: “The driver probably did not understand the road very well, came to that junction, suddenly applied the brake and of course he lost control and ran into the water.

The first set of people that we brought out, many of them had injuries which were treated here by our medics team.

“Two people died immediately and we recovered their bodies, we followed up with the recovery of the vehicle, the load is intact and we are trying to take record of the luggage that were found in the bus.

“But shortly before I came here, another body was recovered from the water bed; so in total we have three dead bodies”.


One thought on “TRAGEDY: Three Dead As Luxurious Bus Plunges Into River In Lagos

  1. How many people the luxury bus carrying before the rescue team came up with the figure of three as dead? The story is incomplete, somebody is trying to hide some facts. The bus manifest must be checked to see how many were inside the bus before the accident.

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