The Oklahoma Girl That Has Thousands Of Pet Cockroaches

Oklahoma Girl

Oklahoma Girl

CLAREMORE, Okla. – Having cockroaches inside your home may be a nightmare for many Oklahoma families, but one Claremore 10-year-old says she wouldn’t give them up.

Shelby Counterman has thousands of cockroaches as pets. She says she fell in love with the creatures when she was just a toddler.

“When I play with them, I usually grab handfuls and torture my parents with them when we clean,” she told KJRH.

Her collection of cockroaches consist of several different exotic species.

Counterman says she also sells cockroaches to people as pet food and is saving the money for college.

She says the creatures provide an escape for her as she battles Neurofibromatosis.

Next month, Counterman will be competing in a pageant for other kids like her. She plans to tell her story to other contestants and hopes to bring her cockroaches with her.

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