The Police Declare Wanted The Owner Of The Building Where A Young Boy Was Found Inside A Wall Of An Old House In Akure,Ondo State.

Young boy was rescued

The owner of the house where a young boy was rescued alive in ondo state recently has been declared wanted by the officials of ondo state police command.

The young boy who is said to be 12 years old was declared missing by his parents several years back. He was rescued at a house located at oduduwa street in ijapo area of Akure Ondo state few weeks ago.

when his parents were contacted, they claimed some spiritualists told them he has been used for Ritual sacrifice and they should stop looking for him but as fate would have it that morning, those who heard the voice of the boy as he was crying broke the wall and rescued him alive to the amazement of everybody.

People are still wondering how the young boy made it alive all the while he was in the wall of a building that is over 20 years old.

An eye witness present at the scene who identified himself as a priest said the boy was conjured into the wall from a spiritual alter and he has been there for more than 5 years and they have been feeding him with human flesh and blood spiritually.

He urged the parents of the boy to take him to a powerful deliverance ministry for cleansing and deliverance because he is now a demon in human form.

The landlord of the building is said to be on the run as the Akure police command is after him…

Watch video (viewers discretion advised):

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